School of Physics

Dr Sujin P Jose
Assistant Professor
Department of Computational Physics

Educational Qualification M.Sc (Phy) ., Ph.D (Phy)., M.A (Phil.)., M.Phil (Phil),
Professional Experience Teaching - 6 Years, Research- 13 Years
  • Ph. D in Physics at Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli.
  • Post-Doctoral Scientist in Energy Materials at Department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering, Rice university, Texas, USA.
  • Field of Specialization
  • Energy Materials
  • Nano Materials for Health Care and Environmental Remediation
  • Quantum Chemical Investigation of Biomolecules
  • Science and Spirituality
  • Research Projects Completed  Ongoing
    -  02 ( UGC-MRP & DST: WOS A)
    Research Supervision
    • Ph.D
    • M.Phil
    Awarded Ongoing 
    01 06
    05 03
  • Indo-US Raman Fellowship - Materials Science and NanoEngineering Department, Rice University, Texas, USA
  • Project (Team) Member- Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC, USA) and Schlumberger, USA (2014-2015)
  • Foreign Travel Grant - CSIR, International Centre for Theoretical physics, ICTP, Trieste (NANO BIO MED 2013)
  • Online News: – special appreciation from London Chemist DAVID BRADLEY
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    Papers Published

    International- 42


    Selected Publications 


      1. Microwave assisted synthesis of 3D network of Mn/Zn bimetallic oxide-high performance electrodes for supercapacitors, T. Prasankumar, V. S. Irthaza Aazem, Prasanth Raghavan, K. Prem Ananth, Santhosh Biradar, R. Ilangovan and Sujin Jose, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 695, 2835-2843 (2017).

      2. Enhanced supercapacitor performance of 3D architecture tailored using atomically thin rGO-MoS2 2D sheets, Sujin P. Jose, C. S. Tiwary, Suppanat Kosolwattana, Prashanth R Krishna, Leonardo Machado, Chandkiram Gautam, Prasankumar T, Jarin Joyner, Şehmus Özden and Pulickel M. Ajayan, RSC Advances, 6 (96), 93384-93393 (2016).

      3. Removal of elevated level of chromium in groundwater by the fabricated PANI/Fe3O4 nanocomposites, Aruna Ramachandran, T. Prasankumar, S. Sivaprakash, Biny R. Wiston, Santhosh Biradar and Sujin Jose, Environmental Science and Pollution Research DOI: 10.1007/s11356-017-8465-z, pp 1-9 (2017).

      4. A novel silica nanotube reinforced ionic incorporated hydroxyapatite composite coating on polypyrrole coated 316L SS for implant application K. Prem Ananth, A. Joseph Nathanael , Sujin Jose, Tae Hwan Oh , D. Mangalaraj, Materials Science and Engineering C 59, 1110-1124 (2016).

      5. Synthesis of Low-Density, Carbon-Doped, Porous Hexagonal Boron Nitride Solids, Chandkiram Gautam, Chandra Sekhar Tiwary, Sujin Jose, Gustavo Brunetto, Sehmus Ozden, Soumya Vinod, Prasanth Raghavan, Santoshkumar Biradar, Douglas Soares Galvao, and Pulickel M. Ajayan, ACS NANO, 9(12) p. 12088–12095 (2015).

      6. Influence of α-amylase template concentration on systematic entrapment of highly stable and monodispersed colloidal gold nanoparticles, A. Nitthin Ananth, A. Nimrodh Ananth, Sujin P. Jose, S. Umapathy, and T. Mathavan, AIP Advances 6, p. 015005 1-8 (2016).

      7. Vibrational Spectra and Normal Co-ordinate Analysis of 2-amino pyridine and 2- amino picoline, Sujin P. Jose and S. Mohan, Spectrochimica Acta A 62, 240-245 (2006).

    Books Published

    Co-Authored: 3


    • Principles of Materials Science, MJP Publishers, India, ISBN978-81-8094-167-2

    • Fiber Optics and Optoelectronic Devices, Kindle edition, MJP Publishers, New Delhi (2015)

    • Studies on Phonon spectra of high temperature superconductors, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany; (2013); ISBN-13: 978-3-659-43747-2,ISBN-10:3659437476


      Book Chapters:

    • Eco-Friendly Polymer-Layered Silicate Nanocomposite–Preparation, Chemistry, Properties, and Applications, Eco-friendly Polymer Nanocomposites: Chemistry and Applications ISBN:978-81-322-2472-3, DOI : 10.1007/978-81-322-2473-0 (2015).

    • Synthesis of Embedded Gold and AGAU & CUAU Alloy Nanoclusters in Soda-Lime Glass by Ion-Exchange: A Novel Route, Advances in Nanotechnology, volume 6, Nova Publication, USA – ISBN 978-1-61122-969, 97-103 (2011)

    Papers Presented
    • Participation                    Paper Presentation               Sem / Conference Organized
             31                                            18                                                   2


      Invited Talk

    • Novel materials for Energy Applications: International Conference on Recent Advances in Applied Sciences (ICRASS 2016), Tamil Nadu, India

    • In-Situ synthesis and characterization of PANI/Fe3O4 nanocomposites for chromium removal from ground water: International conference on Advances in Functional Materials (AFM-2015), Stony Brook University, New York State, USA

    • Development and fabrication of advanced materials for energy application: National Seminar Perspectives in Raman Spectroscopy, Kollam, Kerala.

    • Investigations of Metal Oxide/Multimetal Oxide Nanomaterials for Energy Storage: The 5th International Conference on Perspectives in Vibrational Spectroscopy (ICOPVS-2014), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

    Academic Responsibilities
    • Course Teacher : M.Sc - PHY013C, PHY025E, PHY024C, PHY034C, PHY042C & M.Phil- MPHY11C

    • Project Supervisor : M.Sc. (Physics), M.Phil. (Physics) & B. Tech (Electronics & Communication)

    • Member, Industrial Consultancy Cell, MKU

    • Member, Virtual Learning Centre, MKU

    Reviewer –Journal of Molecular Structure, Spectrochimica Acta Part A : Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy
    Academic Membership
  • Energy Science Society of India
  • Institute of Physics, UK
  • Materials Research Society
  • The International Nano Science Community
  • Indian Spectrophysics Association
  • Indian Laser Association
  • Photonics Society of India
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